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More Innovative Prosthetic Fabrication


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    Patients living with Hemi-Corporectomy/Trans-Lumbar, or bi-lateral hip amputations, present even more unique challenges pertaining to fit, function, suspension, posture, and much more. VMS Prosthetics can accommodate and provide solutions and recommendations for bi-lateral variations of hip disarticulation and/or trans-pelvic amputations. We can provide custom prosthetic solutions for both walking and posture aiding sitting prostheses.

      Hemi-Pelvectomy, or Trans-Pelvic, amputations can present even greater challenges pertaining to suspension, fit, function, and at times, management of inner  body functions (i.e Colostomy). VMS Prosthetics can accommodate and provide solutions and recommendations for materials, hardware, suspension, and design to optimize the fit and function of your patient's custom prosthetic requirements..


​​​​​         Accounting for just 1-2% of patients living with amputation, hip level amputations can present various challenges including, though not limited to, the fit and function of they're prosthesis. VMS Prosthetics can accommodate and provide solutions for all levels of hip amputation, including patients who retain a small portion of the proximal femur, that requires a hip disarticulation fitting.