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"Innovation is creativity with a job to do"

-John Emmerling 

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More Innovative Prosthetic Fabrication

Eric Hoidahl     

Daniel Mincke 

​Our lab is conveniently located in South St. Paul, MN. Because of our proximity to shipping hubs, we are able to utilize prime, discounted expedited shipping services for faster turn around times. 

VMS Prosthetics utilizes leading O&P industry machines, unique and exclusive tooling, fixtures and technology to provide industry leading fabrication.​ 

In addition, materials, composites, and plastics of the highest quality are used to achieve unmatched quality, fit, and function for your patient. 

About Our Lab​

                Dan gained his experience in prosthetics while working for Otto Bock Healthcare under the supervision and instruction of Eric Hoidahl in the specialty prosthetics lab. As Eric's apprentice, Dan's extensive exposure to the various elements of hips and specialty lower extremity, gained him a reputation second to Eric's. Additionally, Dan spent a portion of his career with Otto Bock cross training in the upper extremity lab, gaining him a reputation for upper extremity myo-electric and body powered prosthetic fabrication. Dan holds an A.A.S. Degree from IPR.

               Eric graduated from Century College​'s O&P Technician Program, then became an ABC certified prosthetic technician. Eric held a lengthy and exceptional career as Prosthetic Technical Specialist with Otto Bock Healthcare. His passion for problem solving at a technical level and helping people was realized through the specialty prosthetic lab at Otto Bock. His extensive experience, work, and innovations with all elements of hip and specialty lower extremity prosthetics, has gained him a reputation for setting many standards, practices, and modern techniques in prosthetic fabrication.  

Daniel Mincke

Co-Owner, AP/AR, Fabrication Specialist

The team at VMS Prosthetics has set many standards for fabrication, cosmetic application, and design solutions of prosthetic devices for patients living with Hip Disarticulation, Hemi-Pelvectomy, and Hemi-Corporectomy amputation. 

Decades of unique specialty prosthetic experience, with a strong  focus on prosthetic hip design, technology, materials, componentry, and hardware allow us to achieve optimal fit and function for your patient.

​From trial fitting to definitive finish, cosmetic applications to chaffe/suspension variations, we can provide solutions and material recommendation for any condition and circumstance, and guarantee industry leading,

quality prosthetic fabrication.

Eric Hoidahl

Co-Owner, Fabrication/Technical Specialist

"Our Mission is to provide individually customized prosthetic solutions of the highest quality that help restore mobility, encourage independence, and promote confidence and positive experiences in an individuals life."

Our Mission

Innovative Prosthetic Fabrication